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Ensemble INNtegral

The Ensemble INNtegral was founded by Susanne Winter in the springtime of 2023 in order to invite amateur musicians to free their instruments from dust and play together with other passionate musicians on a project-by-project basis.

The mixture of professional and non-professional instrumentalists and singers creates an atmosphere, in which we motivate and encourage one another.

The Christuskirche in Neuötting provides a wonderful place to perform on a regular basis,

In our concerts, we give the audience the opportunity to enjoy classical music with open senses and a very direct and vivid contact to the musicians. In order to create this atmosphere, we might present a musical theme or demonstrate special characteristics of a composition. 

Additional information or anecdotes about the composers facilitate the understanding of their music.

We are convinced that classical music neither needs to be simplified nor watered down. Instead, we understand ourselves as an „entrance help“ to this precious musical genre that is both - deeply moving and entertaining! 

We like to share this very love and passion and we take delight in animating others to make music or sing together.

We choose our programs according to the current players as well as their artistic level in order for everyone to participate - be this as a soloist or within the ensemble.

Often, a motto arises - or we focus on a central piece of music.

If you would like to join us, don’t hesitate - try it out!

Our Concerts 2023/2024

Sunday, 17.12.2023, 18:00


Concert in the Advent season

Bach, Boxberg, Corelli....
Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher
Evang. Christuskirche, Neuötting
Sunday, 17.03.2024, 17:00

Concert in the Passion season 

Pergolesi, Marcello A. 
Friedenskirche, Burghausen
Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher
Sunday, 23.06.2024, 18:00+ 20:00

Dido and Aeneas

Chamber Opera by
Henry Purcell
With contributors from the region.
Arkadenhofkonzerte, Neuötting
Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher
August - September 2024

Summer break :)


Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher
Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher

Press Review

Altöttinger Anzeiger

(Pergolesi: Stabat Mater) Was Sopranistin Susanne Winter hier mit dem jungen Ensemble INNtegral zu Gehör brachte, war eine mehr als beachtliche Leistung... INNtegral bewies technische wie solistische Sicherheit. Viel Übung und Einarbeitung ging eine geglückte Verbindung ein mit dem Gefühl für den Inhalt. Es lag viel Intensität im Saitenspiel, es ging spürbar nicht nur um die bestmögliche Bewältigung anspruchsvoller Notenfolgen, sondern auch um die emotionale Herangehensweise....
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