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The fundament of my teaching is the appoggio-method, which I created over many years (see below). I enjoy passing on the traditional ideals of the belcanto-technique, which I combined with recent insights of how to (re-)gain and train our natural coordination and reflexes. Reconnecting to these wonderful natural resources and to the blueprint of our being, enables us to explore and enjoy the many magical facets of life - and that is reflected in our voices.

Appoggio respects (human) nature. I am in awe about its beauty, its magic, its potential - and I am convinced that we should not interfere with it.

Besides passing on the profound knowledge about the correlation of body, breath and voice - it is especially important to me to convey that singing and living mean enjoyment and „serious“ fun.

I teach professional and dedicated non-professional singers, who want to learn the basic principles of a natural vocal coordination. I also support professional singers, who search for inspiration or  have developed vocal problems.

The lessons can take place on a regular basis or in blocks. 

I teach in the small village in Southeastern Bavaria surrounded by beautiful nature, where I also offer accommodation for students, who want to combine working intensively on the method and enjoy the beauties of nature.

Check out my instagram account appoggiomethod for additional personal information.


I'm grateful and thankful for the trust and dedication of my students.  

Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher

Maria Katrivesi
opera singer, coloratura soprano

Working with the Appoggio Method, my singing experience has changed completely on how I sense my vocal and physical instrument. As a professional opera singer who also has a solid musical theater background, I was often feeling frustrated, because I couldn't be vocally consistent in my performances. There were my bad and good days - I didn’t know how to put into practice all the information about singing in my brain...

Applying this method, everything settled inside of my brain and my body.
I developed a clear vision of what I want to do and how to organize myself so it can happen. Connected to my senses, I have always a good or an excellent day, nothing less than that!!
Now, after several years with the Appoggio Method I feel confident to pass this method on to my students.

Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher

Dimitris Paksoglou
opera singer, tenor

I have been a professional singer for over 20 years and have studied with several famous coaches around the world.
Coming across the Appoggio method, I was able to experience and use the connection of my my sound producing system towards my body = appoggio. As a consequence, I feel that I don't have to create or support my voice. The sound comes out naturally and effortlessly. Especially singing in the high register feels less stressful and more secure.

Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher

Phillipp Maas
choirmaster, bass

Being a passionate singer and a professional choirmaster, I was used to „support“ my voice with a certain tension from my diaphragm.
This, however, caused an inflexible tone as well as the tendency to denotate. With the appoggio-method, I learned to sing on a continuous stream of air. By continually leaning into the diaphragm unit and the connectedness to my whole body, an effortless singing evolved. To sing in this way is above all a lot of fun!

Susanne Winter, Appoggio Method, Singer, Soprano, Voice Teacher

Online Teaching

Welcome to my Online Classes!

I have to admit that in the beginning, I was quite skeptical about teaching voice online - and was surprised at how well it works for many students. It has it's advantages!

In my general classes, I explain a basic parameter and show a suitable exercise. I demonstrate how to practice it and you can freely try it out for yourself in the privacy of your home. Since nobody can hear you, the opportunity for a playful self-regulation arises- singing your heart out (or whatever you feel like in the moment), without the interference of a teacher. If you have a question, you can always ask for additional explanation. Since we often use props to clarify a function, I can visually check, whether you understood correctly what to train and how.

In individual sessions, the online situation is particularly suitable to focus on a special topic, e.g. how to practice legato, a messa di voce, agility, triplets...and how to incorporate this in your literature.

All you need is a computer and a room, where you feel free to sing.

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